Pure Heat Treatment


Airtec industrial furnaces are used to produce a wide variety of highly complex products in various industries. All the technical requirements for heat treatment are applied in this respect, based on the product to be treated and the targeted application.

Various heat treatment processes, in which products are subjected to changes in temperature or temperature profile, are used to achieve the desired material properties in plastics and metals as well as electrical and automotive products. 

The optimal performance characteristics of the products can be adjusted with one process or a combination of several processes.

The following heat treatment processes can be identified:

The customer product, i.e. producing the material properties required by the customer in a targeted way, is at the centre of every heat treatment process. Customer products are a central part of the work of the entire Airtec team.

The Airtec engineers and technicians use the specific product requirements as a basis to develop tailored solutions and implement them in modern, energy-efficient industrial furnace technology. This enables us to use our wide experience of industry to produce system solutions from which our customers benefit fully.