Pure Heat Treatment

Control technology

We can supply customised control systems for industrial furnaces to meet process requirements and customer specifications.

To achieve this, we adapt our cabinet design to use high-quality components and compact controllers such as Siemens LOGO! or large control systems such as S7 400 controllers. Visualisation with WinCC and WinCC flexible are also part of our standard repertoire.

We use high-quality temperature controllers with programming and ramp function for optimum furnace temperature setting. This allows us to guarantee precise heating and cooling in our furnace processes.

Furnace control is also clearly structured and easy to handle in operation. Extensive training of operating personnel ensures that you make the best use of your Airtec furnace.

We will be pleased to carry out upgrades or extensions to your existing furnace control systems.

Please don't hesitate to contact us - we will be happy to assist you.