Pure Heat Treatment

Continuous furnaces

The continuous furnace, which is also commonly known as the continuous-flow dryer, is designed to discharge products being heat-treated in cycles, i.e. discontinuously or continuously, through the tempering zones of the effective space by means of transport or conveyor systems.

The furnace housing, through which the effective space can be accessed via doors on both sides or via openings that are loaded by air curtains, comprises a solid, insulated sheet-steel / profile frame construction.

The vertical and horizontal air flow, which uses air that has been heated beforehand to the exact temperature required, provides highly uniform temperature distribution inside the furnace. This air flow usually uses successive heat zones that can be adjusted individually for the heat treatment of products.

The continuous furnace is ideal for continuous production processes in which products receive specific properties over relatively short processing times.

Furnaces are available in all sizes and with all special equipment.

Two examples are shown below:

The Airtec AHT 4000-ek as an example: In the above furnace with a total length of approximately 25 m, powder-coated components are dried in three tempering zones. In the first zone, the powder is gelled on with the aid of an infrared field. In the second zone, the components are dried, then cooled again in the third zone.