Pure Heat Treatment

Furnaces with hinged lid

The furnace with a hinged lid is a special type of chamber furnace.

The furnace housing, through which the effective space can be accessed, not only through a door on one side but also through the opening, i.e. by folding back the furnace lid, consists of a solid, insulated sheet-steel / profile frame construction.

The furnace with a hinged lid is ideal for batch production processes in which products receive specific properties over a longer processing period, in which opening the furnace cover to insert products into the effective space is either required or is very useful.

Furnaces with hinged lids are available in all sizes and with all special equipment.

Example of an Airtec AHT 3700-ek furnace with hinged lid: Ceramic insulators are being dried in the furnace shown above. The industrial furnace, which is approximately 13 m high, consists of three separate adjustable chambers.