Pure Heat Treatment

Tempering furnaces


Annealing/feed-through-ovens - electric, gas- or oil-fired up to 400 °C

AIRTEC-annealing-ovens are conceived for the heat treatment of parts from thermo-, curable plastics or fibre glass added synthetic material. With the use of digital process control we can realize temperatures and time ramps with up to 50 programs. Therefore there is a fast access on existing and proven process flows for the different products anytime possible. The air guide adapted to the products allows us to keep a difference in temperature from less than 5 °C.

We supply you different versions of ovens, suitable for your needs.

Construction and manufacturing as a complete system from the collection to the extracted air shroud. According to the requirements, filters, heat recovery as well as thermal exhaust air cleaning systems will be integrated rather supplemented. This means complete solutions from one source - of conceiving, manufacturing, assembly, implementing start up to the service.

Already in the planning period of a new development rather a backfitting of the production process, our experienced team will help you.