Electrically into the future!

The current situation is forcing us to rethink our energy policy! Especially our very energy-intensive products are in focus here.

In order to be future-proof, it often makes sense to convert your old gas-heated Airtec oven to electric heating!

Industrieöfen für Industrie und Gewerbe von Airtec GmbH

Your advantages:

  • Hybrid heating -> Switchable between gas and electricity heating
  • Lower power loss
  • Easy way to improve your CO2 balance (green electricity)
  • Fail-safe due to redundant heating system

Additional possibilities:

  • Upgrade of control technology to current state of the art (especially safety technology)
  • Upgrade of heat recovery (heat exchanger)
  • Upgrade of measuring devices for exhaust air reduction (gas warning device)

Learn more:

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