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Cooling systems

Kühlanlagen der Airtec

Precise process cooling: Cooling systems for industry

Your product needs a defined cooling process? You want to shorten your process times? Or offer your employees more enjoyable job opportunities? In many furnace processes, a process cooling system is the answer to many questions. Airtec offers a variety of solutions in this respect. They range from a simple cooling chamber for manual, batch-based charging and a continuous cooling system with or without conveyor technology to a turnkey automatic system. We always adapt the cooling systems to your specific requirements.


Important dry cooling issues include, for example, the type of flow. This can be done with a horizontal and vertical airflow. Direct ventilation systems such as high-performance nozzles for particularly effective cooling are also possible. In the case of continuous flow cooling systems, the matter of conveying is also important: Should products be transported continuously or discontinuously – i.e. in a defined cycle – into the cooling system? We can plan lifting gates for the discontinuous or quasi-continuous charging of the dry coolers. These reduce the noise pollution and make significant energy savings during the process cooling. And with the help of frequency converters, we reduce the amount of recirculating air, which also reduces energy consumption and noise levels. In the case of continuously operating cooling systems, we optimise these aspects using curtains or clever air routing.

Tailor-made: Cooling systems as custom solutions

At our site in Rhede, we plan, design and manufacture not only the dry coolers but also the entire conveyor technology as well as tailor-made custom solutions. This also includes safety technology such as protective fences and light barriers as well as the entire commissioning and safety-related interlinking of the entire system. Of course, the cooling system is specially adapted to the cycle or cooling times of your products. We realise the actual dissipation of the heat energy as necessary by supplying fresh air or by using water heat exchangers. We also pay special attention to the high-quality external insulation of the dry coolers. This way, we keep your operating costs low and prevent condensation in undesirable places.

Our process cooling systems are the ideal, high-performance addition to our industrial furnaces – developed with lots of know-how and great experience and implemented individually for you.

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