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Customised industrial furnaces for business and industry

Industrial furnaces from the specialist

As a manufacturer of custom systems with many years of experiencewe offer you individual thermal process technology solutions – tailor-made and from a single source. Airtec industrial furnaces are reliably used worldwide. The industries range from the automotive and aviation industries to the metal, electrical and plastics industries. Regardless of the dimensions and purpose, our focus remains the same: We plan, manufacture and deliver precisely the industrial furnace that you need as a customer!

That is why the accurate recording of your needs always comes at the beginning of a project in industrial furnace construction. We listen closely, record every detail and offer rigorous advice. This is based on our extensive practical experience and up-to-date know-how. Only at this point will we design and construct your industrial furnace. This ensures maximum efficiency as well as adherence to deadlines and budget certainty.

Of course, we can also go beyond the individual product for you. We can think about the process integration into the existing system and realise holistic complete solutions and systems for you. And our work does not end with the delivery or commissioning. In addition, we offer you a comprehensive all-round service, which also includes maintenance and repairs. We are not only a manufacturer of first-class industrial furnaces – but also your partner in thermal process technology.

Customised industrial furnaces: Score points with their individuality

Airtec industrial furnaces are individual – but much more than that. They are also extremely powerful and are designed for temperatures up to 600 °C. They enable a variety of heat treatment options. At the same time, we can also integrate cooling functions into Airtec industrial furnaces. This also allows combined treatments of products to be carried out. In addition, our engineers design the control technology specifically for your requirements directly during the planning phase and add to it any extra function that may be desired. The result: You get an industrial furnace with a precisely specified performance, which is convenient and easy to operate.

You can decide which primary energy is used to operate your industrial furnace. It can be heated by electricity, gas, oil or steam to generate the hot air. You can also select the type of heating, such as air convection, conduction or infrared. The same applies to the technology for air distribution inside the system, for example using nozzles or air deflectors. Of course, we always pay attention to energy consumption when dealing with all these issues. We design your industrial furnace as energy-efficient as possible and aim for the lowest possible heat losses with the appropriate insulation.

Efficient and safe industrial furnaces: Certified

We give our all for the energy efficiency of your Airtec industrial furnace. As specialists in industrial furnace construction, we focus on the latest standards and regulations in system construction during the design and construction phases. They are the basis of our actions. This means that our industrial furnaces comply with the latest technological standards as well as the current legal regulations and standards, in particular the Machinery Directive (MRL 2006/42/EC). Our industrial furnaces also meet the CQI-9 standards for heat treatment in the automotive supplier market and AMS 2750, especially for the aviation industry. Is the focus on the design of heat treatment processes in which solvents are released and in which potentially explosive or flammable mixtures can be produced? We then generally work in accordance with the standard DIN EN 1539.

So you can be assured: Your new industrial furnace or your new Airtec system is efficient, reliable and safe – and above all built to your exact specifications. That is why we are your competent partner for industrial furnace construction and more.