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Customised continuous furnaces

Durchlaufofen der Airtec

Continuous furnaces: Smooth-running series operation

Do you have or are planning a flow or series manufacturing with high quantities? Then our continuous furnaces are the right solution for you. The range of applications for this type of industrial furnaces is extremely diverse. Fixed temperatures or complex temperature profiles are possible, but the type of flow can also vary. We offer horizontal and vertical air guidance for this purpose, but also direct air guidance systems, for example, using high-performance nozzles for particularly effective heating.

Another important question is how your products are conveyed through the continuous furnace: Should they be transported continuously or discontinuously through the industrial furnace? The latter allows the use of lifting gates, which minimise heat loss to the outside. We can also control the amount of recirculating air automatically using frequency converters – this further reduces the amount of air that escapes. In continuous processes, we can reduce these losses by using curtains or clever air guidance.

Buying a continuous furnace: End-to-end manufacturing by experts

As a specialist in industrial furnace construction, we also design, plan and manufacture the entire conveyor technology for your continuous furnace at the Rhede site. We offer a wide variety of conveyor technology and custom solutions for this purpose. The necessary safety technology, such as protective fences with the corresponding safety equipment, is also part of our range. Of course, we also take care of the entire commissioning and safety-related interlinking of the entire system.

Our engineers and process engineers adapt the continuous furnace precisely to your requirements. Therefore, we look at the materials to be treated, which may include steel, aluminium, plastic, rubber, silicone, carbon, and composite materials or glass and ceramic. We also include the sometimes complex component geometries or other product-specific parameters. The process is also analysed in detail: What is the desired heating for the industrial furnace – electricity, gas, infrared or oil and steam? How do we measure, record and document the processes? What are the requirements for parameters such as heating and cooling rates or temperature homogeneity? And how do we ensure the safe handling of any flammable substances that may be released from the product? For the latter in particular, we always plan in accordance with DIN EN ISO 1539. Our continuous furnaces also meet the CQI-9 standards for heat treatment in the automotive supplier market and AMS 2750 for the aviation industry. After the many questions there is a single answer: A continuous furnace tailored to your needs, manufactured by Airtec, the specialist in industrial furnace construction.