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It may be worthwhile: Modernisation of industrial systems

There are typically two reasons for a so-called retrofit, the investment in the modernisation of an existing old system: Either the system no longer meets current safety requirements and has been negatively affected by the risk assessment of the machinery, or the system is no longer economically viable in its current state because the failure rates are too high or the general performance is too low. In the case of particularly old systems, the lack of availability of spare parts can also be an effective incentive.

In all cases, the cost-effectiveness of a retrofit must be determined. Is it worthwhile restoring the system to the current technological standards? A retrofit must win out over a new acquisition in a cost-benefit calculation and must not represent too high a value for the return of investment. A retrofit is generally of particular interest if the mechanics of the old system in particular retain a high proportion of the system value and are still in good condition. In most cases, the electrical control system including safety components generally need to be replaced.

The advantages of a retrofit for you

In general, we can renew or improve both the mechanical and the electrical equipment. While the mechanics focus primarily on repairs and performance increases, the electrical system focuses on ease of use in addition to safety. In this way, we can make it easier to operate the system with a touch screen or enable the electronic recording of considerably more operating data. This not only makes work easier for your employees but also provides essential information for more precise calculations or for predictive maintenance. We can also retrofit the recording of process data for the tracking or quality assurance of components. A further advantage over a new acquisition is that you can simply continue working with the system that you are already familiar with and therefore practically eliminate the learning phase.

Our specialists will advise you in detail on all retrofit options. Take advantage of the existing potential and prepare your systems for the future.

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