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Cars combine emotions and passion into a single entity with high standards. The associated high and steadily increasing demands in terms of quality, product safety and reliability represent challenges with which we as manufacturer of industrial furnaces are permanently confronted. At the same time, they represent essential features of our application-oriented product solutions for the automotive industry, which ultimately ensure optimal product results that are uniform, durable and therefore reliable in series manufacturing.

Our industrial furnaces offer a high level of functionality, process accuracy and solidity that ultimately guarantee the necessary quality and series safety of the respective products.

We achieve the desired and specified product properties such as

  • The dimensionally stable connection of the material structure
  • The bond strength when joining groups of components
  • The desired material consistency/resistance
  • A reduction of internal stresses
  • The generaldrying of components

by using specifically targeted processes.

We demonstrate this on a daily basis together with our customers by means of relevant standards and guidelines such as CQI-9, in which the requirements for heat treatment are specified very precisely and are also regularly checked.

Targeted temperature control at different speeds depending on the product ensures that the material properties in the product are of a consistently high quality during uniform heating and cooling as well as in the holding phases.

Industrial furnace construction with a solid and energy-efficient design also offers interesting cost savings that ultimately contribute to a lower product price.

With our commitment to services and our passion for what is feasible, we develop solutions using thermal process technology for all areas in the automotive industry, specifically for individual applications.

This is the case regardless of whether it concerns

  • Individual or system solutions
  • Drying processes
  • Hardening processes or
  • Heating processes

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Foto von Rudolf Alda

Rudolf Alda

Head of Industrial Furnace Technology