The car combines emotion with passion in union with strong appeal. The associated high and ever increasing demands in terms of quality, product safety and reliability pose challenges with which, as an industrial furnaces plant manufacturer, we are permanently confronted. These demands form the essential characteristics of our application-oriented product solutions for the automotive industry, which ensure optimum product results that are uniform, durable and reliable in series production.

Our industrial furnaces offer a high degree of functionality, processing accuracy and solidity, ultimately guaranteeing the necessary quality and series reliability for each product.

We can achieve desired and specified product characteristics such as

  • rigid connection of the material structure,
  • connection strength when component groups are fitted together
  • achievement of the desired material consistency/resistances
  • reduction of internal material stresses

component drying in general

by using specifically targeted processes.

Targeted temperature control, which allows the uniform heating and cooling of products at different speeds in the holding phase, ensures material properties and product quality that are consistently high.

The solid, energy-efficient furnace construction offers beneficial cost savings that contribute to lower-cost end products.

With our service standards and a passion for what is feasible, we develop heat-treatment technology solutions specifically for individual applications in all areas of automotive engineering.

This is the case regardless of whether

  • individual or system solutions,
  • drying processes,
  • hardening processes or
  • heating processes are involved.