Plastics are becoming increasingly important in our everyday lives. They are currently used in all areas of application and now substitute many materials. There is hardly any other material that is able to provide the constant development of new materials with interesting properties and considerable quality improvements.

We have been supporting this process successfully as a partner for many years with our solutions that are specially designed for heat treatment technology

This is the case regardless of whether

  • High-performance/high temperature materials
  • Technical plastics/engineering plastics
  • Standard/mass produced plastics
  • Thermosets
  • Elastomers
  • Thermoplastics

are involved.

Our industrial furnaces are safe and optimally aligned to the thermal processes of individual products.

We can achieve desired and specified material properties such as

  • rigid cross-linking of the structural matrix
  • higher temperature resistance
  • reduction of internal stresses
  • anticipating shrinkage to ensure increased shape and dimensional stability

by using specifically targeted processes.

Targeted temperature control allows slow, and above all uniform, heating (approximately 20-30 °C/h) and cooling (approximately 2-3 °C/h) in the holding phase, ensuring product quality that is consistently high.

The solid, energy efficient furnace construction offers beneficial cost savings that contribute to lower-cost end products.