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Fertigung bei der Airtec

As a manufacturer of custom systems, our day-to-day business involves the manufacture of products precisely tailored to the customer-specific requirements profile. It does not matter whether this involves a single part or a large-scale system. We manufacture in almost all dimensions. From the design/construction of the product, the careful and needs-based selection of the appropriate mechanical and electrical materials/system components from the manual manufacture of the individual product parts, the joining of these individual components with the final product and finally the installation on your premises, everything is carried out from a single source.


With state-of-the-art machinery fully equipped for our product range, we manufacture high-quality individual or custom products through to complex systems with great flexibility in our company with our skilled workers. Depending on the requirements profile, we produce thin and thick metal panels as well as steel construction elements and formed steel in a wide variety of materials such as steel, stainless steel, aluminium, corrosion-protected steel or special or alloyed steel. Body or system components, which are also made of steel and are subject to corrosive or optical influence, are surface treated with paint. Naturally, the customer is free to choose the colour scheme and surface appearance.

For products that require thermal insulation, a material precisely matched to the temperature level to be insulated is used to ensure the greatest possible energy efficiency.

Manufacturing capabilities

  • Welded constructions with hand-held welding machines
    In addition to classic welding processes such as MAG and TIG, we now also offer hand-guided laser welding. This enables us to weld even complicated stainless steel welded constructions without the usual distortions.
  • Plasma cutting:
    CNC plasma cutting up to a sheet size of 2,000 x 4,000 mm, profiles up to 200 mm high and a material thickness of 1 to 35 mm in steel, stainless steel and aluminium
  • Chamfering up to 4 mm in length:
    CNC chamfering up to a length of 4,000 mm and a maximum material thickness of 8 mm and 4-sided chamfering up to a height of 200 mm; larger material thicknesses in shorter lengths are also possible.
  • Profile bending and rolling
  • CAM software
    State-of-the-art CNC technology combined with the latest CAM software in work scheduling offer a wide range of possibilities for manufacturing and processing all data formats such as CSF and DWG. In addition, we offer the creation of drawings in Inventor 2D or 3D such as STEP, IPT and many more.
  • Individual ventilation components and spare parts up to 500 °C.
Fertigung bei der Airtec

Benefit from our many years of experience

The design, construction and programming of the entire electrical/control technology is carried out by our experienced engineers and technicians based on the specific process/customer requirements and the related standards and guidelines that must be complied with in principle or by law.

Only electrical components, control systems and regulators from well-known, widely used and globally established manufacturers are used in our in-house control cabinet construction; these components, control systems and regulators also have good functionality and provide the prerequisites for stable and safe process control. In addition to ensuring the qualitative design, these also offer the advantage of good availability should a service issue arise.

Of course, special requests and standardisations, such as in the form of operating equipment guidelines from our customers, are also taken into account here, provided that these are desired by the customer and feasible.

All manufacturing stages from receipt of the order are supported by a continuous quality process, which ultimately results in a high quality product that meets the specific requirements.

After completion, all systems are always subjected to thorough testing, which ensures not only functionality but also specific requirements.

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