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Heat recovery

Wärmerückgewinnung der Airtec

Sustainable and cost-effective: Our heat recovery systems

In an industrial process, a significant part of the heat generated can be lost through the exhaust air from decentralised ventilation systems. Such losses are particularly high when heat is dissipated at a high temperature or when the process requires a high exhaust air volume flow. In times of energy transition and significantly increased awareness of climate protection – but also for purely economic reasons – the use of this exhaust air from energy-intensive industrial processes is becoming increasingly important. Good arguments for our customers to actively address the issue of heat recovery and to consider it when planning their system. We develop concepts and solutions for you to use this energy. With our experience in thermal engineering core processes in industrial systems, we are on hand to assist you from the initial idea through to the implementation.

How our heat recovery systems work

Essentially, our heat recovery systems work according to the air-air principle. In both cases, the air flows are hermetically separated from each other to ensure that there is no mixing. The first type uses a simple heat exchanger to indirectly preheat the cooler furnace supply air with the heat of the exhaust air, which would normally be diverted to the outside. This saves on heating energy. The second type is our highly efficient aluminium heat exchangers made of tubular packages, which achieve maximum heat recovery. Both variants are designed for easy maintenance, and last but not least, feature exceptionally rapid amortisation.

Your partner in heat recovery

The range of applications for heat recovery systems is very diverse and includes numerous variations. Depending on the application, process and desired utilisation levels, the heat is fed back into the process or prepared for other processes. Thanks to our material and application-specific know-how in conjunction with the continuously developed Airtec technology, we are a strong partner for you for all circumstances. For your benefit, we ensure the optimal implementation of all heat treatment and heat recovery processes, thus helping in the energy-efficient manufacturing of a wide variety of sometimes highly complex products.

Funding opportunities

Energy-saving measures on your existing and new systems may be eligible for funding in accordance with the de minimis or GBER regulations.

The renewal or replacement of a system with a more energy-efficient one is eligible for funding in Germany. A distinction is made here:

  • Funding according to de minimis of up to 30% of the total investment for SMEs and large companies.
  • Funding according to GBER of up to 30% of the total investment for SMEs; 30% for improvements for all others.

We work together with an engineering office that can submit the applications for you.

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