Metals are materials with a long history, and they will continue to be very important in the industrial environment of the future. Our firm has traditionally dealt with the heat treatment of metal materials. Our focus is on the conceptual design of industrial processes for production in the metal working industry.

With our partners we have been successfully developing, designing and building heat treatment engineering solutions for individual applications for many years.

This is the case regardless of whether

  • pre-heating processes
  • drying processes
  • or assembling processes

are involved.

Our industrial furnaces are safe and optimally aligned to the thermal processes of individual products.

We can achieve desired and specified product characteristics such as

  • heating
  • connection of components

by using specifically targeted processes.

Targeted temperature control, which allows the uniform heating and cooling of products at different speeds in the holding phase, ensures product characteristics and product quality that are constantly high.

The solid, energy efficient furnace construction offers beneficial cost savings that contribute to lower-cost end products.