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Stahl, Metall, NE-Metall

Metals are materials with a long history that will continue to be of great importance in industrial environments in the future. Our company has a long tradition in processing metallic materials within the scope of thermal processes. Our focus is on the design of industrial furnaces for manufacturing processes in the metalworking industry.

For many years, we have been successfully developing, designing and building specific solutions with our partners, using thermal process technology designed for the individual applications.

This is the case regardless of whether it concerns

  • Preheating processes
  • Drying processes
  • Joining processes

Our industrial furnaces ensure a safe thermal process optimally aligned to the respective product.

We achieve the desired and specified product properties such as

  • Heating
  • Connecting components

by using specifically targeted processes.

Targeted temperature control at different speeds depending on the product ensures that the product properties are of a consistently high quality during uniform heating and cooling as well as in the holding phases.

Industrial furnace construction with a solid and energy-efficient design also offers interesting cost savings that ultimately contribute to a lower product price.

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Dennis Effing

Branch Manager
Industrial Furnaces