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Paint coating

Lack Coating

The painting, drying and/or baking of products is a diverse topic. Whether wet paint to be dried, the baking of applied powder or the preheating of products, which are then hot-coated with powder, we can supply a suitable dryer. It does not matter whether the parts are manually coated and placed in the furnace, pass through the furnace in a continuous process on an overhead conveyor or are processed completely automatically as part of a car manufacturing line. We develop the appropriate overall concept together with our customers.

You can rely on our experience. We are familiar with solutions for carefully gelling the powder before blowing it off the product with high recirculating air rates. We supply furnaces with the appropriate uniformity in terms of temperature distribution so that the same layer thicknesses can be reproduced and we offer you our know-how with respect to fresh air exchange rates for solvent-based paints and powders.

To this end, we also use the consistent application of the corresponding standards such as DIN EN 1539, CQI-9; DIN 17052-1.

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Foto von Rudolf Alda

Rudolf Alda

Head of Industrial Furnace Technology