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Individual Industrial furnace construction: custom equipment

Sonderausstattungen der Airtec

Custom equipment

The built-in added value: When it comes to chamber furnaces, it is also the equipment that distinguishes many of the construction types of our industrial furnaces from each other. These include, for example, the opening elements. We build wing doors, lifting gates with and without escape doors or even automatically operating gates. Other equipment includes manual or electrically operated trolleys or safety functions such as fire protection systems. This also includes a gas warning device, which ensures the operation of the system with a significantly lower amount of exhaust air in the interior of the furnace. An individual control system can also be custom equipment as can data management or data recorder functions. We also have heat exchangers in our range for perfect energy management. Our experienced engineers in industrial furnace construction also integrate all of these equipment features into any custom variants.

This means that you receive a high-quality chamber furnace that is precisely tailored to your needs and meets all your expectations.