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Custom turntable furnaces

Drehtellerofen der Airtec GmbH

Turntable furnace: Always on the move

Our rotary table furnace is also a space-saving variant. In this type of furnace, the components are placed on several levels with continuous or discontinuous circular movement that can also have different recirculating air temperatures – or even cool. The benefits for you: Firstly, you can heat treat a higher number of components at the same time. Secondly, the circular movements enhance the uniform temperature distribution. And thirdly, you also process components with different cycle times in one furnace chamber based on the principle “first in – first out” as well as “first in – last out”. The rotary table furnace has the same versatile options of custom equipment as our other furnaces. We are also happy to offer you automatic pick-and-place units as a complete package.